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News and Gigs: 2002

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12/18/2002:  The Church of Hed CD is released.   Since it is the holiday crunch, I will hold off on most of the promo work until right before the New Year.


12/01/2002:  After some delays at the manufacturer, the Church of Hed CD is imminent.  I expect them in about 2 weeks.   I've put the songlist and credits on the Church of Hed website.  That page will also be updated with CD notes and opinions as they become known.

Quarkspace recently went over the 10,000 download mark on mp3.com.  Thanks to those of you spreading the word!    Work is about finishing up on the Node in Peril CD/Comic book project with Matt Howarth.  I hope to put a couple of mp3s of this material out to the work very soon.

Steve Hayes and myself finished up mastering on the debut ACSRBB CD.   Folks in the outfit want to shop the project around to other labels, but it will come out eventually in anycase.   I hope to set up a MP3.com website with some material soon.   The ACSRBB is powerful spacerock, all improvisational.  The outfit is made up of members of Star Nation, Architectural Metaphor, Star Machine, Quarkspace, Church of Hed and others.   This stuff is very very hot.  Stay tuned!


9/1/2002: Sorry for the lack-o-updates on the site.  Almost have the Church of Hed CD complete, and we will be doing a better job of keeping things updated after that.   I do encourage folks to sign up for our Yahoo mailing list on the quarkspace.com front page, as I tend to blab on there more than here.  Peace! 


3/25/2002: We now have a PAYPAL account and can now take online orders for folks with credit cards.  As far as the business changes, well, let's just say EJR and Quarkspace will both continue onward, intrepidly transversing the astral planes, or whatever.  Quarkspace actually did some decent improv work this past weekend, along with more work on Node in Peril, the upcoming CD/comic-book project with Matt Howarth.   We made some of Terrence and Phillip's special "Ass of Fire" chili as well, in the Spacerock Kitchen.   A massive amount of garlic, sautéed in peanut oil along with green pepper and onion, makes a wonderful base for browning equal parts of ground turkey breast and sweet Italian turkey sausage.    With that mixture, one can make all sortsa rocking chili.


3/15/2002:  There are some changes afoot to the business end of things here at EJR.  As a result we've closed our merchant account and temporarily won't be taking Credit Card orders.  In the meantime you can still send checks and money orders to Eternity's Jest Records at our normal business address, cuz we've got a SALE!!!.  We should have a Paypal thing going on for credit cards real soon, yo.  Expect an announcement about the business changes within the next week or so.


3/3/2002: SALE!!!   Yes, we've decided to have a FREE POSTAGE SALE here at Eternity's Jest.   That means every CD from us is either $5 each for the Spacefolds series(5, 6 or 7), $15 for the Hidden Moon double CD, and $10 for the Quarkspace debut, Live Orion or the National Steam debut.   And yes, you folks from outside the US, get 'em for just that much cheaper!  And of course, you get a copy of Drop free with every order.   This is the REAL DROP too, not the compressed mp3 versions on www.quarkspace.com.  Ya know, the one with the HIDDEN TRACK.  And dammit, I think we are going to make this a permanent sale.  Where else can you get over 210 minutes (3.5 hours) of music rated 4 star and higher by the All Music Guide for only $10 (Spacefolds 6 and 7 with your FREE copy of Drop.)  So get yer Quarkspace or tell yer friends to get theirs!  We used to take VISA and MasterCard!!. Directly from COLUMBUS OH USA!!


2/11/2002:  Yes, there is still a Quarkspace.   Sorry for the lapse in contact.  There are still tons of downloads of Drop everyday.   Thanks.   Spread the word.  We are slowly working on the material for the Matt Howarth Comic book project, Node in Peril.   After that is complete, further work on the remix project can continue.    Eternity's Jest will be releasing the remix CD, and we will shop the comic project for release.   Expect Spacefolds 8 to make an appearance sometime this summer.  

The farewell show was awesome.  Thanks to all who came out and played with us.  The live CD-Rs of the show will show up in the "public domain" once I can clean up the chaff from the performance.  Don't ask us for copies, but they'll be around.

 I've been concentrating on Church of Hed work, with a CD to be released also sometime this summer, and a live show in Philly, June 1st with The Red Masque, Land of Chocolate and Persephone's Dream. Stan will performing live on bass for CoH.  We are sure to bemuse your cows and frighten your children.

Official Quarkspace Farewell Tour Announcement Letter:

Hey folks,

Just a note to our friends to let you know that Quarkspace is essentially retiring from live performance. The main reason is due the necessity for some members to concentrate more on personal issues, so time spent for Quarkspace has to be limited. 

Also, Quarkspace's next studio CD, Drop will be released on mp3 format for free at Quarkspace.com within the next few weeks. The CD format will be released into the public domain through various "tape traders" sometime soon after that. We hope to be able to have free CD copies of Drop available at our farewell show on Saturday November 17th at Ruby Tuesday (not the restaraunt) 1978 Summit St. in Columbus. We felt it a bit hypocritical at this time to commercially release a CD that has a bit of an anti-commercial lyrical bent. Of course, we stand behind Drop as the best Quarkspace release yet.

We encourage everyone to try and make it out for these last shows, including our performance at Strange Daze 2001, October 26 and 27 in Cleveland at the Beechland and with Harvey Bainbridge and Mr. Quimby's Beard at Little Brothers in Columbus on Sunday October 21st. Once again, the dates of the farewell tour.

Thursday October 11, Swindlefish, 24 1/2 E State St, Athens, OH 45701-2540.

Sunday October 21, Little Brothers, Columbus OH with Harvey Bainbridge, Mr. Quimby's Beard and the Solar Fire Lightshow.

Friday October 26 and Saturday October 27, Beechland Ballroom, Cleveland OH Strange Daze 2001 with Harvey Bainbridge, Mr. Quimby's Beard, Nik Turner, Alien Planetscapes, Nucleon, Drumplay and many, many more quality spacerock bands and the Solar Fire Lightshow doing lights. We play Saturday evening. Go to www.strange-trips.com for more info

Saturday November 17th, Ruby Tuesday, 1978 Summit St. Columbus OH. The final show. We hope to play for about 4 hours with special suprises. As stated above, we also hope to have free copies of Drop (no jewel case or cover, sorry!) at this show.

Don't worry. We aren't breaking up. The CD/comic book project with Matt Howarth is moving forward (any interested labels out there??), the spacefolds series is definitely continuing and may see an increase in the speed of releases, as we plan to concentrate on improvisation and development of those improvisations when we do get together. We still are planning the remix project and the second collection of Live Orion material. Expect some of the Quarkspace side projects to have more activity... (www.mp3.com/churchofhed). Obviously, Eternity's Jest Records, continues on, ready to release music and take your order.

Thanks for the continued support. Hope to see you at these last shows. Keep a look out at www.quarkspace.com for the upcoming free release of Drop.



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