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News and Gigs: 2001

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8/9/2001:  Ahhh...  work on Drop is coming up nicely.  We are right in the middle of putting tracks on "The Lie" as I write this.  Expect the release sometime this fall.  Recently we appeared on a excellent experimental music CD called Fluorescent Tunnelvision, available from Submergence Records.  It is a mind-blowing trip featuring exclusive tracks from some of the top spacerock and avant-garde bands in the world, including F/i, Escapade, Djam Karet, Subarachnoid Space, Mushroom, Tombstone Valentine, etc., etc., etc.  Escapade, Tombstone Valentine and us were all veterans of Quarkstock 2000.

Recently Spacefolds 7 received radio airplay at Radio Gama MM in Ljubljana, Slovenia along with another Quarkstock veteran, French TV.  Also some significant airplay was achieved in the land of Rivaldo, Barcelona in Catalan, or Spain if you will.  The radio station was Radio Florida, 91.5 on your FM dial.  No airplay was achieved in our hometown of Columbus, per usual, ever since Patrick Testa left WCBE.


4/26/2001: Well we are cutting it close with Spacefolds 7 as usual.  Barring any manufacturing problem, we will have the CDs on Thursday, to be released on May 4th.  Then we are off to New England for a couple of CD release fests.  One with Nebula Trip on Friday in the Hartford area; the other in our favorite place to play, Burlington VT.


3/1/2001: We had been taking a few months off from playing live to work on:

  1. The upcoming Quarkspace studio CD to be released late Summer/Early Fall of 2001. (called "Drop" to be released 10/1/2001)

  2. Mixing and mastering of "Another Live Orion" to be released exclusively online sometime in the Spring of 2001.  (this one is delayed)

  3. Improvising and compiling material for Spacefolds 7 to be released in the first half of 2001. (May 4th to be exact, almost, hopefully)

  4. Producing music for a combo sci-fi CD/Comic Book by artist Matt Howarth. (working on it)

  5. Preparing the rerelease of Spacefolds 1, online and on CD.  You've asked for the first 4 Spacefolds on CD, So stay tuned. (see below!)

  6. Preparing the release of "Dance Party on Jupiter", a collection of remixes and alt versions of Quarkspace's own unique dance music for aliens with a prime number of appendages on their bodies. (working on it)


2/14/2001: Well, well, well.  We have remastered  and rereleased Spacefolds 1-4 (yes, ALL FOUR OF THEM!!) on CD through our site on mp3.com. They sound great, and have new artwork from the Hubble, along with liner notes.  We would have loved to release them ourselves and get the CDs printed up ala Spacefolds 6, but that would have killed our budget for new releases, and we need to concentrate on those, obviously.  Just got back from playing The Local Buzz, a local Columbus scene radio show at WOBN 101.5 Otterbein College.  We played two new songs, Spinning and The Lie, along with the Circle and a very interesting improv.  Everything was recorded into ProTools, so hopefully we can use some of it.  Props to Hooch for having us out and presenting the full eclectic view of Soylumbus's musical stew.


1/13/2001: A belated welcome to the new millennium.  We've got a newly discovered supply of the debut Quarkspace CD, in case you wanted some.  Quarkspace's spacefolds 6 recently charted at WKDU 91.7 at Drexel University in Philadelphia.  Program director Steve said it was highly impressive for a "new" act.  Little does he know that we are actually old decrepit men, especially Dink.  Off to make some oatmeal!


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