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News and Gigs: 2000

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12/12/2000:  We just setup an email discussion list for Quarkspace on egroups.com. Enter your email address to join.  Keep up to date with the happenings here at Eternity's Jest, ask questions, receive answers, etc.


11/16/2000: Going off this weekend for our "record company retreat" into the wonderful "Southern Ohio Gorges" for a bit of escapism, and to plan our direction for 2001.  Obviously next year will bring us a Spacefolds 7 and a new studio CD from Quarkspace, and maybe a Steamdream 3 from Natty Steam. Also of interest will be the release of Live Orion Deux....  for free!  Yes, we plan to release another collection of performances at Orion Studios in Baltimore.   It will available for free at quarkspace.com, some time next year.  We are also planning the re-release of Spacefolds 1-4.  We hope to get Spacefolds 1 ready soon.  Stay tuned.  

The new Quarkspace material went over real well at recent live shows at Madlab, and we are happy to say we have finally found a home in our home, Cornlumbus. (Trying to start a new, more accurate  "nickname", being tired of the "Cowlumbus" moniker.)  Props to Canis Minor and the Solar Fire Lightshow for helping to make the shows extra-special.


9/13/2000: Here are some links to a couple reviews/profiles of Quarkspace and Steam that I have been lax in posting here. Sorry!

Vermont Review



8/27/2000: Quarkspace goes into our basement lab to conjure up new electronica-ravish material and put the finishes on some very trippy psychedelic song work.  We are starting a series of shows at Madlab, an experimental theatre and music space here in Columbus in October.  Please support us and other independent artists in their endeavors. 


7/12/2000: Whoa!  Just got back from our tour of New England.  It was a most excellent time.  Really loved meeting some old friends and making many many new friends and fans.  Special thanks goes out to Marya in Burlington VT. We got a full page write up in the Sunday arts section of the Worcester Telegram.  Thanks to Luis from Juggernaut for helping to set that up. We hope Meghan at the Denny's in Chicopee MA gets her record deal, cuz she should really quit her dayjob!  Props to the folks in Nebula Trip and Canis Minor for hosting 2 fun spacerock festivals.  Finally, word to DJ TG at the Gagliarchives for letting the Quarkspace posse invade the wonderful studios at WBZC, or something like that.

Spacefolds 6 is now officially released, pick it up at our catalog. It is the best sounding and most powerful Quarkspace release to date.


5/31/2000:  Still mentally recovering from the Quarkstock weekend.  Expect to see some reviews on the Quarkstock page real soon.  The bottom line was every band played about their best sets ever, and if you missed the show, and you were physically capable of making it, you were very foolish!  Even though we really lost our shirts, we are strongly leaning towards having Quarkstock 2001 next year.   Hope to finish off Spacefolds 6 this week, and send it off to the manufacturer with the hope of having it for the tour.


3/22/2000:  Obviously things are afoot here in Quarkspaceland.  We've finally got a working online catalog, where you can order Eternity's Jest releases direct from the source using your credit card.  As you see above, we also are planning a tour of the Northeast for the first week of July.  Musically, we've finished a re-recording of "She Has" from the first Quarkspace cd.  It will appearing on Magnet Magazine's CD compilation due out in a few months.  We also cranked out a 8 minute improv entitled "This is not the Millennium" for the Spanish magazine, Margen. It will also be appearing on a upcoming compilation CD.  We are mixing a track down for another upcoming compilation CD, this one for Motherwest Records.  This one is a sequel to the highly regarded Turn Century Turn spacerock comp CD released last year.  Finally expect the release of Quarkspace: Spacefolds 6 in time for Quarkstock 2000, and the release of National Steam: Steamdream 3 soon after that.  Peace!


1/5/2000:  Happy "Last New Year" of the 20th Century!   Of course, everyone knows the real start of the 21st Century is next year, right?  The year ended nicely for Quarkspace.  The Hidden Moon was nominated for the best spacerock album of the year, and best cover art, by the French-Canadian radio show, Delire Musical.  We were up against, Daevid Allen's University of Errors album, along with Hugh Hopper's, Hughscore album (which ended up winning!)   Needless to say, we were blown away to be considered with two seminal figures in the space/prog/psych world.  Hell, Daevid and Hugh were playing together in a trio with Robert Wyatt before I was born(1966), and before they formed Soft Machine!  Both the Hidden Moon, and Spacefolds 5 made both Delire Musical's worldwide top 100 progressive albums of 1999, along with the Gagliarchives Top 100 progressive albums of 1999.  This was the second year in a row that Eternity's Jest placed two releases on both lists.  But Hugh's keeping score! (sorry, I am really sorry for that!)


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