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News and Gigs: 1999

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11/8/99: Planning for Quarkstock 2000! really gets moving at this point. Everyone should plan on coming to Columbus for this excellent musical event. The next quarkspace studio album, due out sometime next year is just starting to "bud", with a collection of incredible "organic world techno" being recently produced. Spacefolds 6 is also being readied in the oven for an early 2000 release.


10/2/99: The Hidden Moon has been the featured release on the Gagliaarchives and Delire Musical radio shows. Jay, qspace keyboy, will be interviewed on WAIF 88.3 Cincinnati on their Kindred Sanction, Thursday October 7th from 8-9PM. We also had a record month for downloads on MP3.com, highlighted by The Circle staying at #1 on the Psychedelic chart for over a week. Also note, due to the draconian actions of the US Postal Service, our address is now:

Eternity's Jest Records
PMB 212
1487 W. Fifth Ave.
Columbus OH 43212


8/13/99: The Hidden Moon is officially released. On Friday the Thirteenth no less! Get 'em while they're hot! Check out four songs from the CD, on our mp3.com website!


7/24/99: The Hidden Moon is at the manufacturer! Here is the track listing for the soon to be released quarkspace double CD!

Disc 1
1. Prince(7.06)
2. Starbridge Freaks(9.44)
3. Bone’s Blues for Planet X(10.10)
4. Somebody Else’s Dream(13.39)
5. Krautball’s Demise(17.38)
6. Astral Grinder(7.23)
7. Outerspace Highway(7.09)

Disc 2
1. I Bet He’s Looking for the Spaceman(12.48)
2. The Circle(7.05)
3. Nebula(7.00)
4. In the Shadows(6.47)
5. Where Galaxies Collide(18.43)
6. Park Rangers(8.38)
7. No.5(3.19)
8. Teather(7.36)


6/25/99: Oops!!! Sorry it has been so long between updates. Things have been hectic as we are finishing up the next quarkspace double CD, The Hidden Moon, named after a special house near the campus of the University of Dayton. We hope to have some MP3 files from the CD available on MP3.com very shortly. The CD will be released in mid-August in time for Strange Daze. It will be pert near (or is that purt'near) 150 minutes, about half improv and half composed material. Folks who have seen us recently will recognize some of the material, but there are some quite freaky surprises. It will retail at $15 and features 3 paintings by the artist, David Gulotta.


4/7/99: Both quarkspace and National Steam get written up in the latest Relix! Check it out, it is the one with Hot Tuna on the cover. Jack and Jorma still rule! Relix should be available at most larger bookstores around you.


3/16/99: Added a couple more MP3s to the Steam and qspace pages on mp3.com. National Steam's debut CD was recently the featured CD of the week on Radio Pons in Pons, France. It is honor to be played in the land of Patrick Viera.


3/8/99: Eternity's Jest MP3s now available thru MP3.com. Check out the pages for quarkspace and National Steam! We will be keeping some MP3s exclusively on mp3.com.


2/13/99: You can now get Eternity's Jest Releases from Amazon.com. Believe it or not!


2/6/99: HOW BOUT THEM NATS!!!!! USA 3 Germany 0!! It wasn't that close. Jovan Kirovski should've been in France. Some sweet revenge for World Cup 98. The best spacerock is from the US... and the soccer is finally catching up!!!


2/2/99: quarkspace.com is now done and open!! We will be regularly keeping it updated with more song files, more pictures and the latest news on Eternity's Jest Records, quarkspace and National Steam. Enjoy!


1/25/99: Recording work has finally started on the studio tracks for quarkspace's upcoming double CD, The Hidden Moon. Chet laid down some space cow on the very trippy studio version of our "pseudo-improv" piece, I Bet He's Looking For the Spaceman. We also chronicled some incredible spaceimprov material recorded to ADAT that will definitely make up some of the Hidden Moon's improv material. The Spacefolds 5 CD is almost complete; a couple more selections need to be made, and the material needs to be assembled. The Hidden Moon should be out around summer; Spacefolds 5 within a couple of months.


1/23/99: Oops! The good folks at InterNIC have turned on quarkspace.com, and I don't have the site ready. Isn't that typical!? Look for it buy the end of the month, but if you are reading this; the site is already up!


1/1/99: Year End Props for qspace and the steam!!! quarkspace's Live Orion was named Third Best Spacerock/Psychedelic CD of 1998 by the French-Canadian avant-garde radio show Delire Musical from Sherbrooke, Quebec's CFLX.

Both National Steam's debut CD (#46) and quarkspace's Live Orion (#53) made the Gagliarchives top 100 Progressive Music CDs of 1998. An honour for both bands!


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