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News and Gigs

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12/08/08:   Spacefolds 9 is out.  It hasn't shown up on iTunes yet (it appears to be on Napster and Rhapsody), but we've got the lossless autographed/numbered CD-Rs available right here and that is what is important!.  Update: It is on iTunes!

11/17/08:  Spacefolds 9 is imminent.  It will be available soon from the usual host of digital services (iTunes, eMusic, etc.) and lossless autographed CD-Rs directly from us.  This is a very psychedelic Spacefolds featuring special guests Brandon and Lynnette from The Red Masque and Carl Howard from Nomusic.  Here is the track listing:

1. Is it Really? 6.59
2. red melt 7.34
3. Third Score 8.59
4. Ghost Satellite 8.42
5. Al Neri Sleeps with the Angels 7.59
6. Fake Leaping Violinists 6.30
7. six of purple 2.52
8. See How the Stars Fade 10.05

4/14/08:  Once again, sorry for the lack of updates.  Darren recently lost his mother, and I (PW) my father, so it is relatively somber around EJR.  We've begun work on mixing and mastering Spacefolds 9 scheduled for release this summer.  New jams are always occuring and their output will definitely see the light of someday.  Peace!

8/06/07:  We are also now carrying the first Secret Saucer CD, Element 115,  for $10 on our online catalog.  Check it out.

7/09/07:  We are now carrying the new Secret Saucer CD, Second Sighting,  for $10 on our online catalog.  For those of you unaware, SS is a 70s style spacerock improv thang with Jay and myself along with various spacerock hipsters from Star Nation, Sun Machine, etc that have jammed together a couple times over the years.  If you like the retro spacerock thing, check it out.

6/26/07:  We have some leftover autographed copies of the Spacefolds 8 promo CD-rs available for $10 on our online catalog.  Get 'em soon!  Good to see all of you at NearFest!

6/17/07:  I guess we can call Spacefolds 8 released.  It has been on iTunes for a few weeks now, but we were waiting until NearFest week to mention anything.  Pretty much all the other major online music services have it as well.  We are vending at NearFest 2007 and will be selling limited numbers of autographed copies of the Spacefolds 8 promo CD-rs.

It is a relief to finally have some new music out.   Expect newer releases in the Spacefolds series to occur in a more timely manner. 

The Quarkspace fellas were in town this weekend and we recorded over 2 hours of top rank Spacerock improv and some loop-based material.   Expect those to show up in time for Spacefolds 13 to be released in 2021.

4/03/07:  Oops, been too long since I've done an update.  You can always check out our  myspace page, which is updated more often.  We've got a bit of news... Spacefolds 8 was sent to our digital distributor yesterday and will be available on iTunes, emusic, Napster, Rhapsody, etc in about 2 months!   Here is the track list:

1. My Starship has Mudflaps (14:13)

2. Bridget in Space with a Ham Sandwich (6:05)

3. Shifting Dervish (9:08)

4. Far Gathering 1 (11:25)

5. Far Gathering 2 (4:43)

6. Obscured by Perch (5:10)

7: Flight of the Architect (16:13)

Chet, Darren, Jay and myself are joined by Stan Lyon on bass on two tracks and guitar on two others.  Greg Kozlowski from Architectural Metaphor and Secret Saucer plays guitar on "Flight of the Architect."

The bookend tracks (1 and 7) are IMO the best long improvs we've done. Ever.

In other EJR news, we will be vending at NearFest 2007 in Bethlehem PA, June 23-25.  Check us for some festival exclusive deals!

6/10/06:  Ms. Angela and I recently got married and just returned from our honeymoon.  Thanks for all the kind wishes.  Quarkspace reunited and slopped through a few classics in acoustic mode at the reception.  The Circle, The Storm and Oklahoma were taken from our catalog, along with Down by the River, Cortez the Killer (bride's request) and Helpless from Neil Young's.  I wish the recording came out better, but we were limited in mics.

It was most excellent to play with Jay and Darren again.  Activity creeps in our usual slow manner.  Darren is going to be adding some "licks" to the Spacefolds 8 material, which is scheduled to be released digitally sometime later this year.  Every Eternity's Jest release (including Church of Hed and Natty Steam) with the exception of Spacefolds 1 and 2 (still in the pipeline) are now available on iTunes and most other digital music services.

Jay and I are heading to the next Secret Saucer session next month.  Should be fun!

2/20/06:  It's Eternity's Jest Records 10th Anniversary this year, so we are having a sale! For the entire year, you can get our last two releases, Quarkspace's Node in Peril and the debut Church of Hed CD for only $15, including postage. A savings of $2 as thanks for supporting us through the years! Get 'em at our catalog.

2/18/06:  Secret Saucer is a spacerock supergroup featuring members of ArcMet and Sun Machine, along with Jay and myself from Quarkspace. Our debut CD was recently released on Dead Earnest Records in Scotland.

8/16/05:  I've been working on The Hed Count, a new online magazine, pretty extensively the last month or so, expect its "release" shortly.  Work on Quarkspace music happens slowly, but steadily, Spacefolds 8 still planned as our next release, early next year, perhaps?

3/09/05:  I've been in Spirits Burning mode the last few weeks, working on some tracks for their upcoming fourth album.  Daevid Allen and Michael Moorcock are just two of the artists on the cuts on my plate.

Forgot to mention in the last update: I'm getting hitched!  The lovely Ms. Angela Parks agreed to be my bride; the wedding date is 5/27/2006.  Now maybe she'll let me use her lap steel and AirSynth in the studio?

Quarkspace are slowly working on new material.   The perpetual "remix CD" is getting some attention along with slowly getting Spacefolds 8 ready for release.

1/14/05:  Happy New Year, a couple weeks late.   We (Quarkspace and Church of Hed respectively) recently finished versions of the Moody Blues tunes, Legend of a Mind and Steppin' in a Slide Zone for an upcoming comp CD coming out on Italian label Mellow Records.  The German, full-color magazine, Moonhead, has an article about Quarkspace in a future issue.

Musically, we've started chronicling the material for Spacefolds 8 and are working a new music which may be the beginnings of a new studio CD.  We also have been jamming with folks from the Columbus-based psychsters, Floorian.  Hmmm, maybe a "Floorkspace" release in the future?

11/23/04:  A nice Quarkspace article in the latest Progression by Marc Tucker along with a pretty funny interview with Chet and myself.

Two credited photos by Deb Kranitz.

A highlight from the article... "Church of Hed is Quarkspace in


I think you can find them at Barnes and Noble, Tower Records, etc.


09/19/04: Genevieve Margaret Sennett Williams (7/30/1927 - 9/19/2004), RIP.

09/13/04: Node in Peril is officially released!   Get 'em at our catalog.   Expect them at most of the hipper space, psych and prog distros within a month or so.

08/02/04: Node in Peril is off to the manufacturer!  So expect its release right around September 1st.   For the time being, enjoy two tracks from Node available in MP3 format at Garageband.com, including Signal to Noise Ratio, which is a featured track.

II hope you enjoy the streamlined look here at Quarkspace.com.  Expect more updates in the future, including a new photo gallery, with, finally, new pictures.


07/12/04: Check out our new Catalog page, now with a Paypal powered shopping cart.  Also, the front cover for Node in Peril is now on our main page.   The music is finished, expect a MP3 or two soon!  Expect the actual release around September.

Also, some good news on the digital distribution front.  All Eternity's Jest releases (with the exception of National Steam and Spacefolds 1-4) will be available through all of the major online music services within the next few months.  iTunes, Napster, eMusic, etc.  

Keep an eye on quarkspace.com in the next few weeks, as I will finally be spending some time on a website redesign, after 6 years!


04/26/04: Both Quarkspace and Church of Hed will be appearing on an upcoming Moody Blues tribute CD being released by Italy's Mellow Records.

Quarkspace is doing "Legend of a Mind", whilst CoH is doing "Steppin' in a Slide Zone".

To get QSP/.CoH news in a more timely manner, just sign up for our mailing list at Yahoo.

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Also, we at Eternity's Jest will be releasing Node in Peril, the next Quarkspace CD with cover art and a 16 page comic by artist Matt Howarth.   Expect it this summer....  seriously.  You can believe me!

Yes...  that means NEW QUARKSPACE!


02/24/04: Address change!

Just a note that our street address has changed from 1487 to 1799, making our address:

Eternity's Jest Records, Inc. PMB 212, 1799 W. Fifth Ave. Columbus OH 43212    


01/05/04: Happy 2004!!

Just a heds up to let you know that the Hidden Moon is available for electronic download at the NEW legal Napster, and will be on Apple's iTunes within the month. I think you can get the whole thing from Napster for $9.95.

We won't be reprinting them, so this is the only way to get your Moon on.

10/14/2003:  The Church of Hed Southron Tour was quite enjoyable.  Still working on the Matt Howarth project, but we are very close, but maybe not much closer than in July!   We are considering releasing Node in Peril ourselves.   Continued work on NIP will delay Spacefolds 8 until sometime next year.


7/6/2003:  Sorry for the lack of contact, been over in the Church of Hed for a while.  Recording work is finally about wrapped-up on Node in Peril, the comic book project with Matt Howarth.  Chet and I have been auditioning some loop-based material for inclusion on the Quarkspace remix project now entitled, Top Notch Sex Music.  We sold out of Hidden Moons while vending at NearFest.  Expect Spacefolds 8 to come out sometime this year.   Peace!


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