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Hawkwind : - THE spacerock band.
Alien Planetscapes : - AP was the greatest American spacerock band in their heyday.
Secret Saucer : - Spacerock "social construct" that Jay and I have occasionally played with.
The Red Masque : - Modern, avant-prog freekout.
Escapade : - The world's greatest rock improv group.
Dark Aether Project : - The sadly dormant, Dark Aether Project.
John Mullins Band : - John used to open up for my old band, The New Druids.
Rare Blend : - Cleveland-based jazz fusion project.
Oresund Space Collective : - Spacerock improv purveyors.
Cyndee Lee Rule : - And her Viper Electric Violin.
Cadenced Haven : - Bringing ambient, new-age music.


The Waiting Room : - Lino's world of freeky music.
Obscure Clarity : - A progressive rock radio show hosted by Gordon Tanner.


Aural Innovations : - Jerry Kranitz's legendary zine of musical exploration.
Progression : - A journal for progressive music. I used to write a psych music column for it years ago.


The Artist Shop : - Good online prog vendor.


Strange Trips : - The internet home for The Solar Fire Lightshow. : - Columbus-based music website.


The unofficial QPR forum : - A web forum for fans of Queens Park Rangers.
The artwork of Jen Zatoth Williams : - Pen and ink art for album or other illustration needs.