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This is our best "real" album. "Real" meaning non-Spacefolds. We released it for free since we weren't in any mood to try and sell music right after 9/11. We figured just get it out to the folks who want to hear it.

The album features all sides of the band, shifting styles back and forth from song to song. We also have a ton of guests on the album. It was fun to record.

The songs from Drop have been downloaded over a million times from our site. We appreciate that. Check out and have a listen and tell your friends.

It is an All Music Guide Pick and rated 4.5 stars.

Please help us continue to release quality music by considering donating to Quarkspace and Eternity's Jest. All donations $5 and over will receive their choice of Drop or Spacefolds 8 as a gift (Don't forget to let us know which one!).


Chet Santia: Bass, Guitar, Vox
Jay Swanson: Keyboards, Synth, Loop
Paul Williams: Drumming, Synth, Keyboards, Loops, Vox
Stan Lyon: Guitar, Bass

Special Guests:
Bonnydoon Players of Santa Cruz: percussion (track 9)
Steve Hayes: synth, sampling (tracks 4, 8, 12)
Matt Kearns: guitar (track 6)
Greg Kozlowski: guitar, synth (tracks 4, 12)
Kendra Lewis: vox (tracks 3, 7)
Bevin Lynch: vox (tracks 3, 5, 7)
Cameron Tummel: percussion (track 12)
Thom the World Poet: words (track 12)

All Music by Quarkspace.
Produced by Lance Starbridge.
Cover art by David Gulotta. Used courtesy Beverly Zook.